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Ultrasonic Cleaner Model FXP8D

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Unisonics Australia

Part No. 613402


Details :


The Unisonics FXP range is a single chamber device used to clean surgical instruments and other hardware with sonic energy in a heated water/detergent solution. It is designed for use in surgery reprocessing areas, central processing departments and laboratories.



  •  All exterior surfaces are 3mm Palopaque.

  • Pressed stainless steel tank.

  • A single tank system with rounded corner reflex design.

  • Digital Timer

  •  1 x Ultrasonic Transducers

  •  Polyester coated transducers to prevent moisture contamination and maintain …high efficiency levels.

  •  Internal fitted basket.

  • Sealing lid.

  • EMC tested and approved.



Free Standing Cabinet Overall Size (External) Length 175mm Width 162mm Height 240mm

Chamber Size (Internal) Length 152mm Width 140mm Depth 100mm

Basket Size Length 120mm Width 100mm Height 65mm

Chamber Volume 2 Litres Operating Liquid capacity 1.5 Litres



AS3100-1994-Electrical Safety Certificate of Conformity No:E990002-(C-Tick)

Certificate for inclusion of medical device-Class 1 (T.G.A.) 



All exterior surfaces are 3mm PVC. The ultrasonic chamber is pressed stainless steel and is 0.9mm in thickness. All integral plumbing is stainless steel. Basket is fabricated from stainless steel mesh and rod. Sonic energy is provided to the chamber by piezoelectric transducers bonded to the tank bottom with a frequency of 40 kHz. Maximum operating temperature should not exceed 60 degrees Celsius so as to maintain reliability and maximise efficiency. Minimum operating depth should not be less than 50mm. Power is supplied by solid-state circuitry, which is air-cooled.


A digital timer control so located at the bottom front of the unit and should be set as per operating instructions. The mains plug/socket is located at the side of the unit. The unit should always be positioned to allow for plenty of circulation. Care should always be taken to avoid excessive spillage of solution when draining fluid.


The turnover of solution must be determined by the user to satisfy acceptable cleaning results of the finished article. The more solution is contaminated the longer the cleaning process. If the contamination is heavy and difficult to remove a pre rinse in a heated bath could be sufficient enough to soften and loosen unwanted debris in preparation for the ultrasonic cleaning. At the other end of the scale after the items have been removed it is essential that a final wash be performed to remove any residue that remains on the cleaned parts.

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