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Image Item # Size/Volume Description Clearance
IKA-4180005 IKA-4180005 Tube Mill control The world’s first patented Tube Mill control is a batch mill with disposable grinding chamber.
IKA-2900000 IKA-2900000 A 11 basic Analytical mill Impact grinding of hard, brittle or non-elastic grinding materials with high-grade stainless steel beater.
IKA-1603600 IKA-1603600 M 20 Universal mill Batch mill suitable for dry grinding of hard and brittle substances
IKA-2836000 IKA-2836000 MF 10 basic Microfine grinder drive Continuously operating universal grinder.
IKA-2870900 IKA-2870900 MF 10.1 Cutting-grinding head For crushing fibrous substances such as paper and vegetation, but also for plastics and material with a low volume weight.
IKA-2871000 IKA-2871000 MF 10.2 Impact grinding head For crushing brittle, hard materials such as minerals, building materials up to Mohs hardness 6.